La Décima!

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Real Madrid is the ideal club to win titles with’
I am ambitious, I have always liked challenges and I am here to help and win more trophies’
I felt really happy because it is something I have always dreamed about. Ever since I was a boy I always wanted to be in this great stadium, an historic stadium. It was great and I hope that I play lots of matches here.

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NYC. 2011

byMike Spears

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Everyone’s reaction to Gareth’s legendary goal against Barcelona

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For the sake of economy, we have to leave a lot of information out of everything we say, and one of our special human abilities is to make that economy itself eloquent and informative. Kidspeak is a classic instance of compression in balance with concision. What sounds limited and repetitive to the outsider is, to the knowing listener, as nuanced as a Henry James passage.

Adam Gopnik on the conscientiousness of Kidspeak:

Tips for being a football fan: #9



Want a new jersey with your favourite player’s name on it? Yea wait until transfer season ends


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Show of hands

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Cardiac Arrest by
Bad Suns

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 Thainá Nunes

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